Commercial Hood Cleaning Services


Love the change of scenery when we service our customers in New Mexico! Albuquerque is a beautiful city. We come every 2 to 3 months. Call us today to schedule your restaurant. Keep up-to-date on your system.

Get your restaurant clean in every corner, top to bottom. We are your Pressure Washing specialist throughout Colorado, Texas, New Mexico & Oklahoma. Call us today for a quote and list of references. We love taking on new customers and […]

Always traveling, but at lease stayed in Colorado this July. Some of our favorite customers; GG’s BBQ in Pueblo, Lucky Dragon in Colorado Springs & Dairy Queen in Canon City. Make sure your restaurant is being cleaned frequently enough to […]

We have been all over Central Colorado: Mi Ranchito Restaurant 2 Pueblo CO Chong’s Cafe Pueblo CO Deluxe Wingz Colorado Springs CO Adolfo’s Mexican Pueblo West Deli Dave’s Pueblo West Falcon CO Sonic Pueblo West Sonic Pueblo Crested Butte CO […]

Vacant Restaurant Top to Bottom Cleanse! Last month, we had a mammoth request. Real estate always sells quicker and for a higher price when its clean! Nice when kitchen equipment isn’t in the way. Pueblo CO

This past week in Pueblo West… This is my 5th or 6th time I have followed another local hood cleaning service E****** Hood Service, and they DO NOT take care of their Asian Restaurant clients well. Here is just one […]

Another new client. When you offer top quality work – word spreads fast. Thanks Caspian Cafe for giving us the opportunity to show you the truth in that statement 🙂 CALL US TODAY FOR A QUOTE! 719.250.5811

A few highlights from the past month… Fuddruckers in Lubbock TX, Pizza Ranch & Feelin’ A Little Philly in Pueblo CO AND a big welcome to Ruby Tuesdays in our home headquarters’ city of Pueblo! You can’t say it doesn’t […]

This week we stayed in central CO servicing restaurants: Pueblo Dragon in Pueblo, IHOP in Canyon City, Short Stop Burgers in Colorado Springs & 3 Margaritas in West Pueblo! If you have a restaurant that needs a cleaning service – […]